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Lisa and Margie are dog trainers with over 30 years of training experience. We have helped 1000’s of families develop loving, lasting relationships with their dogs. We know what it takes to successfully integrate a puppy into a family and want to help you make that transition as smoothly as possible!

We have learned that keeping all the information about your puppy in one easy to access location helps build understanding, communication, and relationship.

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The Smythe Family

Thank you MPT for helping my family with our first puppy!! Tracking feeding and exercise kept my busy family organized and helped ensure Moony’s needs were taken care of. My 3 kids love adding new skills and the blogs and puppy tips are a great resource. Thanks to www.mypuppytracker.com we are literally “on track” with Moony.

Janeen B.

I heard about My Puppy Tracker from a friend. At first, I was skeptical, but quickly found that by tracking Lulu’s training, I was motivated to teach her more and more skills. The badges are a fun add-on that got my kids involved with training Lulu!!

Sara J.

As a first time dog owner I would like to thank the developers of www.mypuppytraker.com!! Tracking Hank’s day-to-day activities helped with housetraining, and, as promised, helped my understand his needs.

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Puppy Tips!

How to Prevent Unwanted Behaviours

Preventing Unwanted Behaviours More and more I am called for help with behaviour issues for puppy’s and rescues. Resource guarding, snapping at people, ignoring their owners, refusing to walk, the list goes on and on. As a trainer, I want to get to the root of the problem to figure out the cause of the…

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To Train or Not to Train…

Is training your puppy essential to their well-being? The short answer is YES!! Imagine if you never learned to read or write, add or subtract, dress yourself or any other basic life skill. It would be hard to socialize, get a job or survive on your own. Dog’s, like people, need to learn to mature…

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Dog Walking Etiquette

I live across the street from a busy park. This is not a dog park, and the park has very busy road on two sides. Since the mandated lockdowns due to COVID-19, I have witnessed some annoying and, on occasion, alarming things with dog owners. My Dog is Friendly – Your dog MAY be friendly…

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