My Own Dog Trainer rationale: Building relationships takes commitment. Each step of My Own Dog Trainer helps you understand your puppy’s individual needs. This information directs your plan for building a successful relationship with your canine pal.
Why track your puppy’s health, behavioural and training milestones?
  • Establishes a baseline: What is normal health or behaviour for your pup.
  • Encourages us to pay attention to details meaning we can see training and socialization progress.
  • Identify Problems: Whether health or behavioural.
  • Create a plan based on observable information.

Meet Lisa

Lisa was called the “dog girl” from earliest childhood. She has never lived a day without at least 2 canine friends in her life. After taking a university degree in neuroscience, Lisa started an apprenticeship to become a family dog training instructor. Lisa was one of the first certified pet dog trainers in Canada. She has spent the last 23 years teaching family dog training classes, running a successful dog training business and currently manages the puppy program for a large service dog training school. She was the technical writer for a well-received dog training book: Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training. Lisa has had numerous apprentices over the years and takes satisfaction in knowing that she has contributed to good quality instruction being offered to pet parents. Lisa and Margie took their many years of experience and distilled it into My Own Dog Trainer. There is an easy way to train a puppy. Communication is the key. Understanding what the puppy is saying is a primary driver behind MODT. The relationship between people and their dogs is a fascinating dance that takes patience, devotion, and a sense of humour. MODT helps illuminate the steps of the dance.

Meet Margaret

Dog training, at its core, is about understanding and relationship building. For nearly 20 years I have enjoyed watching puppy and dog owner’s bond with their pets. The progression from puppy to adult dog through training and socialization is rewarding to everyone involved. It is not always easy, but in the end, there is nothing more satisfying to me as a dog trainer, than helping people and their pups learn and grow together.

Having worked with thousands of dogs and their humans, I have had to learn and adapt my teaching skills and will continue to do so. No two dogs are the same and no two people are either. Lisa and I developed My Own Dog Trainer to help more people learn and grow their relationship with their dogs. People can see in real time the progression of their pups training, understand their exercise and food needs, and enjoy the support of an ever growing canine community.