Health & Wellness

Your puppy’s health is your top priority. My Puppy Tracker allows you to keep track of important information. Not only can you schedule reminders for vet visits, you can keep track of what was said at the appointments for later reference. You can store notes and videos to show your vet if necessary and you have answers to important health related questions because you have been tracking your pup’s physical well-being.

Vet & Vaccine Records

  • Upload vaccine records, lab results, photos (lumps, rashes, sores) videos (OCD, seizures, injuries), save microchip number
  • Vet appointment calendar with section for notes from visits
  • Parasite control , schedule reminders How to create reminders?
  • Here is a handy reference for all the other important people in your puppy’s life.

    • Breeder or Rescue group: Name, Contact #, email, website, address
    • Vet: Name, Contact #, email, website, Address
    • Pet Insurance: Name, Contact #, email, website, Address, Policy number, Claim form link
    • Groomer: Name, Contact #, email, website, Address
    • Trainer: Name, Contact #, email, website, Address
    • Dog walker: Name, Contact #, email, website, Address

Feeding schedule

Upload photo of bag or packaging Many puppies have digestive issues. Tracking this information gives you and your vet lots of information when discussing dietary options for your new best friend.