Puppy Particulars

Let’s start your puppy’s personal information hub. It’s amazing how fast they grow! You will love being able to chart their progress and keep track of details.

Manage Pups

  • 1ST photo,
  • name,
  • date of birth,
  • date came to new home,
  • Growth Tracker

      Use this tracker to follow your puppy’s growth in height and weight. Can be useful to predict adult size. Let’s you know if he is getting enough food to eat.

Exercise Tracking

All puppy’s need appropriate exercise but their exercise needs change as they mature. Sufficient exercise keeps puppy’s mentally stimulated, hungry for their meals and calm in the house.

House Training

Since your puppy grows so quickly, there is a lot to manage in the first few months. Puppy tracker allows you to keep track of important information, spot trends and develop proactive action plans for things like house training, sleeping through the night and matching the right food to your puppy’s needs.

Elimination Tracking

Housetraining: One of the first things we want to teach our puppy is to go to the bathroom outside. Use the Elimination Chart to keep you and your puppy on track.

This chart allows you to track your puppy’s natural biological rhythm. Maybe he/she must pee 3x in the morning before his bladder is empty. He might need to poop 2x before going to bed. Knowing what his body needs allows you to get him to the right place (outside) at the right time (when he actually has to go)